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How to use a Tibetan Singing Bowl

How to use Tibetan Singing Bowl

A look at what to do with a Singing Bowl

Is a Tibetan singing bowl just an ornament. What else can I use it for? As well as charming sounds, they have a variety of purposes. Also known as “Himalayan Bowls”, they are used in prayer, chanting and meditation. Other uses include chakra healing, yoga practice, and relaxation techniques. Did you also know you can levitate water in a singing bowl?


Tibetan singing bowls


More on that in a moment, but first a little bit about them. Tibetan singing bowls come from throughout Asia. They pop up in Tibet, China, Japan, India and Korea. Although largely associated with Buddhism there use is thought to predate Buddhism by centuries. Singing bowls originate from Himalayan fire cults. Prior to religious use, it is understood that they were merely begging bowls.

Craftsmen traditionally made Tibetan Singing Bowls from seven metals: Gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, tin and mercury. These represent the seven heavenly bodies: The Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter and of course Mercury. You may find an antique singing bowl made of these metals. Craftsmen use brass or various recycled metals today.

How to use Tibetan Singing Bowls for music.


How to use Tibetan singing bowl


Choosing your bowl can make a difference as each bowl has a different sound. If they are handmade the difference is greater. Larger bowls tend to make a much deeper tone. Handmade singing bowls sometimes take more practice to get a tune from than the manufactured ones do. As Singing Bowls make great first instruments for children, the less expensive ones can sometimes be the best buy.

To play, place the bowl in the palm of your right hand. Then with the mallet in the left-hand strike the outside of the bowl. This primes the bowl, starting vibrations. Then with the left hand, run the mallet around the outside of the bowl in a clockwise motion. This doesn’t have to be fast. Imagine the action is like stirring soup in a pot.

If you bought a Singing Bowl that’s too large to hold in your hand, then place on a small cushion. If you would like to invest in a Tibetan Singing Bowl, large or small we have some here to look at.

How to use Singing Bowls for relaxation meditation and yoga


Tibetan singing bowls


Buddhists have been using Singing Bowls for prayer and meditation for centuries. You too can use Singing Bowls to aid your relaxation, sleeping, meditation and yoga. Singing Bowls produce a vibration when played that penetrates the body and mind.

Up there with whale song

Sitting on the floor and playing will help induce meditation. Try playing for a while to calm the mind before sleep. You can introduce  Tibetan Singing Bowls at your meditation or yoga class with great results. The soothing sounds are up there with whale song. The vibrations are real.

These techniques are not all new, Buddhists have been doing this since 500 B.C. Give it a try and will feel the benefit.

How to use a Tibetan Singing Bowl to make water levitate

Singing Bowl Fountain Faraday Effect

Medical properties have been attributed to singing bowls which I can not verify. What you can try is making water levitate!

Fill your bowl with tap water about ¾ to the top. Place your Tibetan Singing Bowl on its cushion and play. Water appears to come to the boil. Vibrations hold water droplets hovering above the rippling surface in the water. Enjoy!

It’s called a Singing Bowl Fountain or scientifically the Faraday Instability Principle (pdf). Enjoy!

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