Sun Buddha Silver Painting

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Peaceful Buddha oil painting. Stretched on a wooden frame and ready to hang. Handpainted Bali Art for livingroom décor. Each one is unique.

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Sun Buddha Silver Painting

Sun Buddha Silver Painting (stretched on a wooden frame). Intricately painted individual work of Bali artisans.

Balinese art is of Hindu-Javanese origin dating from the 14th century.

Bali art has developed over the years to include Buddhist, Chinese and Indian influences. This is largely because of trade routes between the Far East and the Near East.

Western art influences have increased in the last 70 years. Especially in and around Ubud. Traditional Bali art thrives to this day.

Traditionally Buddha paintings or ornaments are placed as you enter Chinese restaurants. This is because a Buddha turns negative energy into positive chi.

Buddha’s bring good luck in with guests as they arrive. Invite luck and fortune into your home by hanging one of our paintings in your hallway.

Hanging a Buddha painting or placing a Buddha ornament in your home is an excellent first step to designing your home the Feng Shui way.

Size: 80 x 60cm Landscape

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