Square Geometrical Shape – 1 hole- 1.5kg

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Weight: 1500g
Size: H:10cm, W: 10cm, L: 10cm
Himalaya Salt
Made in Pakistan
Salt Lamp is sold in plain packaging

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Square Geometrical Shape, these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps provide gentle warmth and balanced energy. Himalayan crystal salt is a famed natural ionizer and an excellent obelisk cure for good energy (and good air!) in your customers home. When the heat of the burning candle or the lamp warms the salt, the Himalayan salt lamp releases much needed negative ions into the air. This cleans the air and creates healing and good energy in your home.
How Does It Work?
When the lamp attracts the water, the allergens are also attracted and cling to the outside of the lamp. Eventually, the water is heated by the lamp and released, leaving behind the allergens. We recommend every couple of weeks, the lamp should be unplugged and allowed to cool down. Then the allergens can be gently removed from the outside of the lamp with a damp cloth.

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