Medium Feng Shui Dragon

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Handmade Brass Feng Shui ornament. Ideal house warming gift or to bring luck and prosperity to your workspace. Feng Shui is great for your health, wealth, happiness and wellbeing.

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Medium Feng Shui Dragon

This stunning brass Medium Feng Shui Dragon would make an auspicious addition to your Feng Shui space.

Feng Shui literally means “wind water” and has been around in China for over 3000 years. Creating a balance between space and position of objects in your home, Yoga studio or workspace.

A good tip with Feng Shui is to start with the area that needs it the most, creating balance. This could be a room in your house that feels unlived in. The smallest gesture of well-placed home décor can make all the difference and could bring some luck!

How about that cluttered, disorganized desk at the office? Now’s the time to make that space an attraction for positivity, ambition and wealth.

Symbolism features highly in Feng Shui. For instance, every aspect of a Buddha ornament has meaning. Whether it’s short or long hair, the position of the hands, the smile or long earlobes.

For more Feng Shui ideas, have a look at our Tibetan range.


Handmade item
Material: Brass
Beautiful statement piece

Dimensions: 27 x 11cm

Weight: 417grams

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Weight417 g