Lord Give Me Coffee Bag for Life

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Jute & cotton

Imported from India

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Lord Give Me Coffee Bag for Life

With bright colours and a quirky quote “Lord Give Me Coffee Bag”. This bag adds style to outfits whilst being extremely functional.
It’s strong handles and strong material makes them capable of holding heavy weights so it feels secure and comfortable to wear… After all, no-one likes a shopping bag splitting on them in the middle of shopping.
They are also environmentally friendly shopping bags, unlike the plastic bags. We are all more and more aware of the damages bags can do to the environment. These bags are 100% bio-degradable and Eco-friendly shopping bags too. What’s not to love?
Bag Size: W: 45cm H: 40cm D: 15cm Weight: 135g
Material: Jute & cotton
Imported from India

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