Hydroponic Vases – Two Birds

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Transparent laboratory Glass Vase with stand. Made of recycled iron, glass and Suitable for hydroponic plants for home decoration. Makes an ideal office plant or flower pot

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Hydroponic Vases Two Birds

These Hydroponic vases two birds display looks great and adds a touch of Feng Shui to any room in your home.

We’ve sourced our beautiful laboratory vase collection to make tabletop displays for flowers, fronds, and stems. Our vase displays would look great alongside one of our Tibetan Singing Bowls.

If you don’t have green fingers but you would like to keep houseplants then hydroculture┬áis the way forward. Growing hydropically is easy and clean.┬áIt’s not possible to kill your plant from overwatering because the lack of soil prevents root rot. You can add pebbles or sand for effect instead.

You can grow most small houseplants including Peace Lillies Bamboo or Spider Plants

Dimensions: 12 x 19 x 29.0 (cm)

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Weight 500 g