Five Buddha Singing Bowl – Extra Loud

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The Sound of Tibet

The use of  Singing bowls helps relaxation. Playing helps reduce your stress levels and assist with meditation. Great with Yoga or holistic healing.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl – Extra Loud

Bring the sound of Tibet to your home with this Five Buddha Singing Bowl. Etched with a Buddha design and made from brass. A lovely look for any holistically designed space.

Play your Five Buddha singing bowl to create the sound of Tibetan temples or monasteries. The rich blend of tones helps with relaxation, meditation and holistic healing.

Try adding a glass of water to your Tibetan singing bowl to play. Listen to the relaxing sounds and watch the mesmerising ripples created.


Diameter: 210 mm

Height: 125 mm

Made from brass. Playing stick or mallet sold separately

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Weight1300 g