Brass Singing Bowl Large 17cm

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Reach for your Zen

Tibetan Singing Bowls are used to create beautiful resonant sounds for meditation. They can be used to unblock Chakras or for healing energy.

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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Produce the sacred sound for spiritual growth with a brass singing bowl large size. Singing bowls make wonderful resonant sounds when played. We have 3 sizes of these brass Tibetan instruments, each with a different pitch. The larger the singing bowl, the deeper the spiritual sound.

To play a singing bowl, place on the palm of your right hand or on a cushion if the bowl is large. Tap the outside rim of the bowl with the stick/mallet to produce a ringing sound, Then with the left hand, circle the stick around the edge of the bowl in a clockwise motion. Much like stirring a pot, but on the outside of the singing bowl.

Experiment with different sounds by increasing or decreasing pressure and speed.

Approximate Measurements:

Diameter: 170 mm

Height: 75 mm

Sticks/Mallets sold separately

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