Brass Medium Tingsha – Mazira Dragon

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Tibetan Cymbals

Strike resonance in your heart and free your space of negative vibes with a pair of Tingsha – used by monks in Tibet.

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Tingsha with “Mazira Dragon” Symbols

These brass medium tingsha Mazira Dragons are traditional Tibetan hanging cymbals. Handmade and used by Tibetan monks for healing and meditation in their temples.

Adapt them to your own spiritual needs. You can use them for toning or cleanse the mind. Also used for space cleaning, a way of freeing negative vibes in a room. They create a wonderful sound when played. Great for percussion in world music.

Tingsha literally comes from the Tibetan word “ting” – the ringing sound of metal and “sha” – which means hanging.

The brass medium tingsha Mazira Dragons Comes with two dragons on each cymbal.

Tibetan Mazira Dragons can be tiny or large enough to fill the heavens. Green dragons represent the spring equinox. Brown dragons represent the autumn equinox.

Material: Brass with leather strap

Diameter: 67 mm

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