Blue Golden Buddha Statue – 40 cm

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Spiritual and peaceful sitting Buddha ornament. Will make a great centerpiece. Every single sitting Buddha carving is unique. Individually hand-carved from sustainably grown Albesia wood.

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Blue Golden Buddha Statue

Make a bold statement in any room with a Blue Golden Buddha Statue. All our wooden Buddha ornaments are hand carved, so each one is an original.

Each Buddha Statue comes in a sitting & meditating posture. Bringing tranquility and love to your home. You don’t need to be Buddhist to feel the good vibes one of these statues gives to space. Cool Feng Shui ornament. Would look great in your Yoga space.


Made in Indonesia from Albesia softwood. The Albesia tree is adaptable, rapid growing and most of all drought resistant. It can grow in degraded areas with poor-quality soil therefore ideal for sustainable farming.

Height: 40cm

Width: 24cm

Depth: 14cm

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Weight 2200 g