Black Beaten Singing Bowl

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Beautiful Harmonic Sounds

Used by Tibetan monks and modern practitioners alike. Known for centuries to assist in prayer, meditation and sound healing.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl – 15cm

Our medium black beaten singing bowl is stunning. The brass bowl has been hammered, which improves the quality of the sound. The colour and the beaten effect alongside grooves around the rim look smashing.

The sound of Tibetan singing bowls produce one major frequency and another two audible harmonics.

Tibetan singing bowls have been around for centuries. Also known as Himalayan Bowls, Rin Gong and  Suzu Gongs.

The Tibetan monks use singing bowls for meditation,  relaxation and prayer.  Modern practitioners now use them in sound therapy. Also known as Vibrational Medicine.


Diameter: 150 mm

Height: 90 mm

Sticks/Mallets sold separately

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