Bali Relief Panels – Fish & Turtles

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Traditional carvings of Bali

Wonderfully ornate wooden relief panels. Each one a unique collector’s piece. Sculptured using techniques passed down through generations

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Fish & Turtles Bali Relief Carving

These Bali Relief Panels Fish & Turtles are wonderfully ornate. Representing beautiful scenes while in keeping with the traditional art. They make a fantastic feature for your home.

Each relief panel is a unique one off design. They are collector’s pieces that take a time to carve. The artisan that creates the “Lovers and Deer” pieces will only make one piece every 2 months!

Wooden relief carving is a long tradition in Bali. The trade is passed down through the family. Wood is carved using traditional tools as opposed to modern electric machines. Artisans often sit on the floor to work holding pieces with their feet while they work. Look at our close ups to see the intricate attention to detail.

Due to the individual nature of these pieces, we only have a few of each design in stock at any one time. Get yours while you can!

Dimensions: 50cm x 32cm x 7cm.


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