Ethical Sourcing Policy Statement

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Source Earth

Here at Cotswold Giftware, we operate an Ethical Sourcing Policy. We believe that any product we sell needs to meet certain criteria. We will make all purchasing decisions for our products with a balanced approach.

Cotswold Giftware will consider the environmental impact with all our purchases.

We expect fair trade with fair pay & working conditions.

We insist sourcing of materials consider sustainability and environmental impact.

Cotswold Giftware will not sell cosmetics tested on animals.

We ask that any importers and wholesalers who supply us adhere to our ethical sourcing terms. This includes transparency of the supply chain from farm to our despatch. Visits have been made to producers in India & China. Cotswold Giftware started trading in April 2017. To the best of our knowledge, our Standard has been met to date.

We recognize that our customers have standards. It is our policy to meet the ethical concerns of our customers. We will be happy to answer any questions.

As a small business, we hope you will recognize it is hard to track all the components of our goods. Regional artisans who make our goods are often located in remote villages. It is difficult for example, to know where they buy their tools.

If Cotswold Giftware is made aware of any unsatisfactory practices, we will review supplying the product concerned.

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